My entry for the 2020 Higher Art Contest is titled "Cannabis and the magic of dreams". Throughout the ages, Magicians have used cannabis among other spiritual plants to alter consciousness in a variety of spiritual and magical streams. Against a backdrop of national debates over the legalization of the drug, increasing acceptance of its medical use, and growing support for the legalization of recreational smoking – there is some scientific reasoning behind the influence of cannabis on art. 

Puff, puff, view.

Cannabis Magic

I'm thrilled to unveil my newest exhibit at Artista If you're in Warsaw, Indiana, I hope you can make it out to Artista at Winona Lake. The gallery just unveiled over twenty of my posters this week with more pieces due for exhibit and sale very soon. The gallery has chosen work from my Kitchen and Pantry Collection, Birds of North America, Secret Places, the West, Golf and Entertainment along with the selections from Legends of Rock n' roll.

America’s immigration system reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle. The extreme voices of the left and the right need to be quieted and encouraged to find a starting place: the status for the 11 million living in the shadows. They are the clue to ending the horror of deportation. 


Immigration Puzzle’, 30 digital prints, 18 x 24” printed on French Paper Company Speckle Tone Cream.

AMERICAN BLUES VISIONARY:  Arguably, Muddy Water’s influence changed the face of the blues and shaped the genre, which would become known as Rock and Roll.  Digital print on Speckle Tone Cream 18 x 24”. Numbered edition of 20 and signed by Steve Sult. $165.00 U.S + Shipping. The print is part of the ‘Legends of Rock n’ Roll’ and available now. Domestic orders 3-5 day delivery; international orders please allow 13-15 days. 


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