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Anatomy of brand development: Identity creation and logo development

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Start up and emerging companies have been a signature client base for Sult Mine Creative Group for many years. It’s where we’ve hung our hat and what we as a group genuinely like and excel at. Each of these Entrepreneurs have been raised in a culture cultivated in brand awareness, some have a good understanding. today’s entrepreneurs, raised in a culture cultivated in brand awareness, some have decent understanding of the important role branding plays in the successful positioning of their business but they may not be aware of how to get from business concept to brand creative.

Michael Peck Photography – Denver, Colorado (

I received a phone call from Michael Peck, a talented commercial photographer and fine artist who I was familiar with many years ago. Michael is the proprietor of a very successful photography studio in Denver Colorado. specializing in architectural photography for major medical facilities and hotels throughout the country. The company needed a brand refresh to stand out in a saturated market. Sult Mine came aboard to interpret and develop a new visual identity to be applied in conjunction with an aggressive brand identity marketing.

Our work strengthened Peck's brand recognition for a range of clients, creating a strong, memorable and cohesive brand experience between printed materials, websites and other applications.

Final Mark and Logotype

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