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Using your imagination. What is the goal for your corporate brand presentation at trade shows?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I've been to hundreds of shows, rolled out new product campaigns and coordinated events for a number of clients. I'm always interested at the large numbers of exhibitors selling their wares and the amount of trade show videos and PowerPoints.

The good news. Without fail, around 40% of the exhibitors typically have a trade show brand video running. I'm always pleased that exhibitors understand the power of video to quickly convey how their products work.

The bad news is most of the videos were absolutely awful.

Why so awful? No clue as to production values and zero strategy. Nada. A lot of companies believe that playing their marketing video at a trade show is all there is to it. I understand that a trade show video has a difficult life. It only has seconds to grab the attention of weary passers-by. It has to make itself heard against the din of the booming PA system. And it has to be interesting enough to hold people's attention for longer than a couple of seconds, so that messages get understood.

Here's a partial list I use as a preliminary filtering process to create trade show brand video presentations.

1. What’s the single main goal that we want it to accomplish?” 2. Is the goal to attract more viewers to your website? 3. Do you want to demonstrate a product or a service so you can show them with video how your products and services work? 4. Do you want them to call you to set up an appointment or to request a quote? 5. Do you want them to physically visit your place of business?

After we sorted out the list of questions we found that their budget would not allow for a large scale production. Our solution was to NOT create a fully produced video but instead, create a PowerPoint. We replaced the voiceover with clear titles that explain what's going on. Since people would be viewing the presentation at different times within the video, we had to ensure that titles were up at all times.

We also chose to integrate images developed for their recently completed redesigned Website was based both on amortizing costs and for corporate brand continuity.

A Trade Show Video is a terrific way to draw attention and present your products and services in the limited space of a trade show booth. By simplifying the creative approach it became clear that we could articulate their ideas and visions to create a clear message for the marketing video. We created a compelling story that drew emotional connection to the company, show their expertise, and successfully deliver the company's message to a target audience.

Daman Products Brand Video

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